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Fast service and really easy to do! My retainer from the dentist snapped and the earliest appointment I could get was 7 days later. I ordered from SnowDentium and got my new retainer within 6 days! They fit better than the ones issued by my dentist too!
Jessica Collier
I must say I am VERY impressed with SnowDentium. Today I received my new retainers, they are BETTER than the ones I was issued by my orthodontist. The fit is far more secure and they were finished and smoothed down so well that they don’t need any cutting or adjusting. I will ABSOLUTELY be bothering the wonderful guys at SnowDentium again for my next set of retainers. The final product is of superior quality, and the customer service is faultless. I am so glad I chose to have my retainers done with SnowDentium. Thank you!!
Alice Farley
What an amazing service. I was feeling a bit apprehensive as it seemed to good to be true. The whole process from ordering the product and getting the gum shield was so fast. I've only used it for two nights and I am already feeling the benefit. So happy with this product and the service provided. I would 100% recommend snowdentium
Anna Henry

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